Bagni Pierinella – Beach in Alassio

Alassio, la spiaggia dei Bagni Pierinella

Welcome to  Bagni Pierinella’s website, a bathing establishment situated in the western part of Alassio on the Promenade “Ciccione” n. 2 . Thanks to it’s favourable position the only thing that obstacles the sun are the palm trees of the lovely promenade which goes to Laigueglia;  notice that in the evening, it’s the last beach kissed by rays of sunshine.

The bathing establishment is extended on a fine sandy beach famous for it’s uniqueness, the shallow seabed is particularly adapt for children and not so expert swimmers.

The beach is always tidy, cleanliness is fundamental, as is the cordiality and courtesy with which Caterina, her son Marco and daughter Valeria greet their clients.

It’s a very friendly environment :  tournaments, parties, animation for adults and kids are organised with help of the clients.


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