Past and present

In 1946 Mum Luigina and Dad Giuseppe Iebole, called “U Pitò” started renting a few old deck chairs and even fewer beach umbrellas to the first sporadic holidaymakers.

Hard times when to live and survive honestly, is a terrible fatigue.

The second world war is just over and the people from the Barusso district (western side of Alassio) are commited to fishing.

The beach is full of nets and fishing-boats: Dad is an experienced craftsman and is often called to repair these boats and with his skillful repairs, they can go back out to sea again.

He succeeds in building a beautiful fisherman’s boat and when a tourist wants to buy it at all costs, Dad sells it with a heavy heart; that money is really needed to buy deckchairs, brand new beach umbrellas and some cabins: “U Pito” has become a beach attendant / lifeguard!  It’s1948: Caterina (Rinella) is also born, and Dad calls the bathing establishment “Pierinella”, uniting the names of his daughters Piera and Rinella.

A good few years have gone by and ……..Caterina Iebole together with her son and daughter Marco and Valeria , continue this wonderful activity with the same pride, passion and enthusiasm.

To offer a better service and always be up to date within the Tourism and Hospitality business, they often attend Professional Training Courses organised by the Ligurian Region, obtaining therefore Certificates of Merit . The greatest satisfaction remains however the demonstration of esteem and loyalty of the clients who have been coming  to the bathing establishment for many years.